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Tapping Fluids

Metalworking is a craft steeped in tradition, from centuries-old techniques to the specialized tools that craftsmen wield with precision. Unfortunately, high friction during the cutting process can lead to increased heat, which in turn can damage your cutting tool and the workpiece. Santie Oil Company is here to help with superior-quality industrial fluids. Our tapping oil can make or break your metalworking projects.

Each of our products is carefully crafted so you can get the most out of your maintenance process. For high-performance metalworking, try our Castrol Moly Dee Tapping Fluid. With decreased heat, you not only help maintain the integrity of the metal but also enhance the finish of your project, leaving it with a sheen of finesse. Santie Oil Company is proud to offer the best industrial oils and solvents. Contact us today for all your tapping fluid needs.