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Rock Drill Oils

Santie Oil Company is proud to offer Purus® Rock Drill Oils.

These premium Rock Drill Oils are blended from highly refined base oils and special additives which produce an excellent lubricant for air powered equipment. The naturally high viscosity index provides optimum lubrication for both low start-up temperatures and high operational temperatures. Extreme pressure additives prevent wear and withstand the high loads commonly encountered in rock drills, jack hammers, pavement breakers, stoppers, drifters and down hole drills. PURUS® Rock Drill Oils are designed for use in both construction and mining equipment, and other pneumatic equipment applications.

With Santie Oil Company at your side, you can support all your pneumatic needs at the industry’s most affordable price points. Our custom selection of rock drill grease and lubricant meets industry-leading standards and guidelines and offers operators the assurance they need to perform any task. Our selection caters to all tasks, big or small, serving you with a wide range of options, from 5-gallon pails to 55-gallon drums. Partner with a member of our expert customer experience team to learn more about our rock drill oils and accessories. Santie Oil Company is the premier partner and destination for all your fluid needs!