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One of WD-40’s most famous products is its prized multi-use lubricant that can also displace moisture and protect metal from corrosion and rust. You may be surprised to find that during its origins in the 1950s, WD-40 started as a small company, with three employees looking to create a rust-prevention solvent and degreaser. The name WD-40 actually stands for water displacement product, with the 40 being a reference to the 40 tries it took to work out the formula. 

All those attempts resulted in the perfect product, as WD-40 cleaners and degreasers are still used in households and industrial settings to this day. At Santie Oil Company, we sell this popular contact cleaner in various sizes—from the 24-ounce spray bottle to the 55-gallon drum—so you'll always have what you need to keep things spotless.