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Calibrating Fluids

Aviation Calibrating Fluids

Aviation calibrating fluids are used in the aviation industry for the precise measurement and calibration of various instruments, such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, and fuel gauges. These fluids have a specific density and viscosity that allows them to be used as a standard reference for accurate readings. There are various types of aviation calibrating fluids, each with its own unique properties and uses, and Santie Oil Company is here to ensure you have what you need for your testing purposes.

At Santie Oil Company, we understand that precise calibration using aviation calibrating fluids is crucial for reliable readings. Our calibration oils make it easy to regularly test and calibrate instruments, helping to maintain safety standards in the aviation industry. Whether you’re looking for a low-temperature calibration lubricant or something else for your aircraft maintenance needs, our diverse stock is sure to offer something you’ll appreciate!