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Gear Fluids

 Food-Grade Gear Fluids 

The gears of your food processing equipment experience the most heat and pressure within your machine. This means you need a lubricant that can beat the heat and stay stable in this intensive, high-demand environment. Lubricant engineers and manufacturers specifically create gear fluids to be able to protect your machinery while thriving in these conditions. However, food processing and pharmaceutical applications can't use just any gear oil.  

Like the rest of your tools and equipment, your gear oil must also be food-safe. What makes food-grade gear fluids special goes beyond their ability to protect your machinery and equipment and keep it food-safe. It also has the ability to withstand the unique environments found in pharmaceutical and food processing industries because it is resistant to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

At Santie Oil Co., we sell everything you need to keep your machinery running while remaining food-safe.