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Air Compressor Lubricants and Tools

Santie Oil Company offers you air compressor lubricant that is specifically designed for optimum lubrication of pneumatically operated equipment. This air lube can be readily aerosolized into a compressed air stream and contains a special emulsifier so that it can absorb water up to 10% by weight. This serves to encapsulate any condensate and carry the air tool lube out to exhaust, thus preventing it from contributing to the creation of sludge or gummy build-ups.

Our air compressor lubricant varieties are fully formulated to provide anti-wear performance and corrosion protection. In addition, our lubricating air tools also contain special detergent and dispersant additives that work to clean and remove any insipient build-ups. Dust, dirt, or other particulate matter is thereby borne out of the system by our air compressor lube.