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“Our detachable chairlifts have benefited greatly from the application of the gorilla lube in the running rails and on the operating rails. Our carrier grip wheels have seen a pretty good reduction in wear compared to other products we have been using in the past and that is just over the two years we have implemented gorilla lube. It has also solved the issue of ice buildup in our mountain top ski lift terminal running rails. The lubricating film that remains after the metal has absorbed all that it can does not allow the ice to bond to the metal and you can essentially push the ice out instead of chip it out before operation. Overall, we are very pleased with the performance of this lubricant and are actively testing new applications throughout our ski lifts, gondola cabins and tram cabins. I can also not say enough about helpful gorilla lube staff have been with all our questions and how willing they are to work with us on specific applications and custom lubricant formulas. All in all, a great experience with a lubricant company”