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Automotive Specialty Products

For almost a century, Santie Oil Company has been leading the pack in quality auto specialty products, industry-leading fluids, and more. We offer the most diverse collection of products to service garages and shops of any size and stature. Whether your garage is personal, industry, military, or commercial, we carry the perfect range of automotive specialty products to fulfill your inventory and meet your clientele with quality. We offer the most reputable names the auto industry knows and loves, including Red Line, Fuchs, Service Pro, MYSTIK, and many more. Through our selection, you can diversify your inventory with professional-grade wipes, aerosols, gallon cases, or drums. We value your ability to offer the finest quality, and that’s why we offer the best of the best. Partner with a member of our customer experience team here at Santie Oil and receive a custom quote and free shipping throughout the lower 48.