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Smoke Oil

Aviation Smoke Oil

Santie Oil carries straight mineral oil aviation smoke oils that are highly refined, have high viscosity, and feature superior water separating characteristics. Useful for systems that don’t require antiwear, smoke oil for aircraft might be found in some circulating oil systems or in lightly loaded gear cases. Canopus smoke oil for aircraft is highly compatible with other mineral-based and polyalphaolephin lubricants; thus, it can be used for flushing lubricant systems.

Be sure to read product information and warnings when considering a purchase. Smoke oil is approved only for uses where there is no possibility of food contact. Use only it in well-ventilated areas free of flame, sparks, or hot surfaces. Do not use it in high-pressure systems.

If you have questions about appropriate and prohibited uses of this aviation smoke oil, please contact Santie Oil prior to purchase.