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Sanitizer - Liquid (Alcohol)

Sanitizer Spray

With conversations about health and safety more pertinent than ever before, discussions about industrial hygiene have moved beyond workplace regulations and on to global conversations about the products that can keep us safe. Sanitizer liquid and disinfectant spray, once common only in medical facilities, are now a part of daily life, yet understanding their true importance and the science behind them is critical, particularly in industrial settings. That’s why Santie Oil Company is changing the conversation about industrial lubricants such as alcohol-based sanitizer spray.

Industrial settings encompass a vast and varied landscape of facilities, from heavy machinery workshops to sterile pharmaceutical labs. Maintaining hygiene in such spaces goes beyond the aesthetics of cleanliness—it's about preventing the spread of germs that can lead to illness, injury, or loss of life. With quality sanitizer liquid and other sanitation products from Santie Oil Company, employees can get back to work.