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Biodegradable Industrial Lubricants

Oil, grease, and degreasers can be more environmentally friendly with biodegradable industrial lubricants from Santie Oil Company. We are a wholesale supplier of biodegradable lubricants, including biodegradable gear oils, biodegradable multi-purpose oils, and biodegradable de-scalers.

Since 1948, Santie Oil Company has supplied lubricants to aviation, automotive, railroad, and metalworking operations. With the onset of synthetic and plant-based oils and greases, we have been able to expand our selection of environmentally friendly lubrication products.

 We are proud to offer high-quality, well-known, and trusted brands to help you make your operation more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Contact Santie Oil Company for all your wholesale biodegradable lubricant needs and related accessories. We can help you find the lubricant product you need to keep your operation running smoothly while being conscious of your environmental impact.