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Almost all industrial manufacturing facilities are dirty places to work in. Tools get greasy, machines leak, and dirt just seems to find its way in. If you work in one of these fields, you know how important it is to be able to clean up when necessary. But maybe you don’t always have the time to bust out the cleaning equipment.

At Santie Oil Company, we sell an array of disinfectants for tough-to-clean surfaces. Need to wipe down your operator seat on a dime? Disinfectant wipes can do the job! Forklift cab smelling a little stuffy? Disinfectant spray cleans and leaves your interior smelling fresh! Don't have access to soap and water before you have to shake hands with a new member of the crew? Hand sanitizer will make sure your hands are free of germs. 

While it may not be the cleanest job, it can certainly be a germ-free one!