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Hydraulic Fluids

Food-Grade Hydraulic Fluid 

Hydraulic machines use fluid to create hydraulic energy. While the prefix hydra- may make one think of H2O, water is the one thing you want to keep as far away from hydraulic machines as possible. Not only does it pose a threat to mechanical parts in terms of corrosion, but one leak risks contaminating all the lubricants in your machine. Hydraulic fluids act as the energy transfer medium without compromising the rest of the machinery parts.  

However, food safety standards and regulations place strict rules on what can and can't come into contact with food processing equipment and machinery. Food processing industries must use food-grade hydraulic fluid to comply with industry standards and protect consumers. That's why Santie Oil Co. sells a wide variety of food-grade hydraulic fluids. With us, you'll always find what you need to keep production running smoothly.