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Oil Degreaser

Whether you're trying to clean up your engine or wipe down greasy tools and equipment, regular cleaning products just don't cut. Soap and water will destabilize your oil’s formulation and destroy its lubricating abilities. However, a thorough cleaning is an essential part of maintaining the lifespan and longevity of equipment—so what can you do?

Industrial oil degreasers are the only products that can cut through and remove oil and grease. Through a complex chemical reaction, degreasers break down the chemical bond that holds oil and grease to surfaces.

While all degreasers serve the same purpose, not all of them are equally effective. Depending on the application, you may need a degreaser that's compatible with plastic and rubber or a formulation that comes with a certain level of biodegradability. That's why, at Santie Oil Company, we provide a selection of tried-and-true oil degreasers, so you can easily shop for a cleaner that fits your industry’s needs.