Why You Shouldn’t Put Standard Oil in a Diesel Engine

Why You Shouldn’t Put Standard Oil in a Diesel Engine

Dec 5th 2023

Because of their superior power and efficiency, diesel engines typically run heavy-duty equipment, such as trucks, buses, and construction machinery. But to maintain these engines’ power and efficiency, using the correct oil is essential. Here, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t put standard oil in a diesel engine.

Different Engine Requirements

The main reason standard oil isn’t suitable for diesel engines is that different engine types have different requirements. Diesel engines operate at a higher compression ratio and generate more heat than standard models, meaning they need more robust lubrication to run smoothly. In comparison, standard gas engine oil works at lower temperatures and pressures, and the oil’s viscosity is different.

Fuel Efficiency Reduction

Using the wrong oil could also reduce fuel economy. Diesel engine oils have additives that standard gas oils don’t, such as combustion improvers. These additives enhance fuel combustion, which results in better fuel efficiency. Standard oils can’t provide the same benefits, leading to a reduction in fuel economy. This reduction can be a significant issue for fleet owners who may face increased operating costs, affecting the profitability of their businesses.

Inadequate Heat Resistance

Diesel engines produce high levels of heat, meaning the engine oil requires additional resistance to withstand the pressures. Standard oil doesn’t have the same properties and could shorten the engine’s lifespan due to inadequate heat resistance. The oil’s viscosity may break down faster, leading to the formation of harmful deposits that can clog oil passages in the engine, resulting in poor engine performance.

Adverse Engine Effects

Diesel engines are often subjected to exceptionally harsh operating conditions, such as dirt, dust, and contaminants in the environment. Therefore, diesel engine oil requires robust protection against corrosion and wear to keep the engine functional. Standard oil lacks the necessary detergents and dispersants. This means that standard oil in a diesel engine cannot cope with the adverse engine conditions, resulting in increased engine wear and even total engine failure.

Warranty Breaches

Using standard oil in a diesel engine could result in breaches in warranties, affecting the machine owner’s ability to make claims. Manufacturers typically provide specifications for approved oils, and failure to adhere may lead to an invalidation of warranties on the engine or the machine. Using the recommended synthetic oil for diesel engines is essential to ensure you’re covered in the worst-case scenario.

Take Care of Your Diesel Engine

You shouldn’t ever put standard oil in a diesel engine. Different engines require different types of oil, so using the wrong one can lead to severe engine damage. To avoid significant problems, choose the manufacturer-approved oil and have professional mechanics perform the oil changes. Your diesel engine will thank you in the long run!