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Why You Should Consider Castrol Products

Why You Should Consider Castrol Products

Aug 20th 2020

Car manufacturers are steadily leaning towards lighter and smaller engine models with an emphasis on powerful performance. This focus on improved performance is good for car owners in many aspects, but it can increase strain on oil because of high pressure and temperature levels. Metalworking lubricants are vital in automobile machinery. Increasing the contact of metal to metal thins oil, which can create friction reduction problems in the engine. Castrol oil products can mitigate these issues. Here’s a guide to Castrol products and why you should consider using them.

High Viscosity Index

Oil viscosity is measured by resistance to shear and flow which determine the metal parts film strength. As a car heats up, engine oils thin and then thicken as the engine cools. Synthetic oils with a high viscosity index maintain film strength better. This helps protect engine parts when temperatures are higher. Castrol products contain titanium additives which have a viscosity breakdown that's three times stronger than other synthetic lubricants.

Exceptional Engine Performance

Castrol lubricants deliver exceptional engine performance by reducing friction. Friction can decrease engine output by 10% on average. The proprietary fluid titanium innovation in Castrol products protects the metal in contact from wear and tear. The oil helps the engine to work harder in high pressures and temperatures. As a result, the engine is able to operate at maximum performance.

Excellent Fuel Economy

Synthetic oils can provide excellent fuel economy as well as efficient engine performances. It can deliver up to 20,000 miles without the need for an oil change. When using motor oil, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific vehicle.

Cleaner Engine Parts

Castrol oil for sale features additives that keep engine parts clean, lubricated, and resistant to corrosion. These additives remove sludge and deposits that can build up in the engine. If this buildup is ignored, you risk seriously damaging your engine. Using a high-quality motor oil can prevent costly future engine repairs.

When it comes to engine performance and strength, Castrol products deliver superior results. They will help keep an engine clean and lubricated to deliver optimal fuel economy. This can increase the life of the engine and reduce the need for expensive repairs. Consider using Castrol oil products in your engine today!