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Why Specialty Lubricants Matter

Why Specialty Lubricants Matter

Jun 22nd 2021

When you're the manager or foreman of an industrial facility, you're probably well aware that many machines take specialty lubricants. From engines to turbines, not every machine can be well oiled with petroleum or synthetic lubricants. Sometimes the fine tuning of device demands special compositions that need to be just so and replaced often for maximum efficiency.

If you're not aware that there's a large difference between a wax lubricant and synthetic oils, then you've sure come to the right place. By understanding that specialty lubricants exist so that machines run as they're intended, you'll do less damage to your precious devices and spend more time being productive. Once you understand the basis of why specialty lubricants exist, the next question is: which one do you need?

Lubricants are Specialized

Years ago, lubricants were not nearly as specialized as they are now. In combustion engines and turbines alike, a little bit of petroleum grease or wax could suffice for keeping things running and stopping them from degrading. But once chemical engineers and scientists got to work on making these machines more efficient, those days stopped cold. In the modern era, especially with computerized machinery, lubricants can be highly specialized to be a mixture of synthetic and natural blends, have anti-freezing or heating properties, expand or contract, and a whole host of other properties. For example, metalworking lubricants, coolants, and fluids play a vital role in machining. Typically, a substantial flow of fluids is used in the metal removal process -- between four and 20 liters per minute. They are specific to the machines they are tasked to protect, and deviating from them will cause problems in the long run.

Cost Savings Over Using the Wrong Lubricants

Using the wrong lubricants in your machines will cost you money in the long run. Not simply because the machines may burn through the lubricants that you've selected, but in the costs associated with damage to the machine or parts inside. Just in the same way that you could probably keep your car running with raw petroleum for a bit, eventually the engine parts will degrade and fail unless you use the specialized oil that your car manufacturer recommends. The same principle applies to all modern machinery, no matter whether it's a press, rotor, turbine, or something else. Do you due diligence and get the specialty lubricants that your machine requires instead of causing headaches, hassles, and problems.

Avoid Accidents and Injuries

When you've got machines running correctly and properly lubricated, you'll avoid accidents and injuries to people that are tasked with inspecting and running them. Instead of having gears click and clack together, potentially causing sparks or a fire, they'll run smoothly and efficiently without causing trouble. Contractors or inspectors that are tasked with making sure your machinery is up to code will also be pleased, as they won't fear getting their fingers or other appendages lost by a wayward device that has become stuck until they fidget with it. Prevent accidents and injuries by keeping your machines running with the specialty lubricants that they require instead of taking chances.

Give the Machines What They Want

Hopefully in this short article we've give you some food for thought. By thinking about your specialty lubricant needs, you'll never be caught off guard when a machine that you're responsible for starts to stall or be less efficient. In fact, you might just have an extra quart (or case) of the lubricant necessary on hand so that you can get back to business. Being prepared with specialty lubricants is a part of maintaining machinery, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

It's not only important to know this information so that you can make money, but it's vitally important to keep your machines well lubricated so that they don't cause accidents or injure your employees. Aside from this, you will most certainly have cost savings when you use the correct lubricants instead of letting your machines wear thin and dry. If you've ever had a car that went too long without an oil change, then you'll know what we're talking about. Why would a specialty gas turbine or rotor be any different? Make the smart choice and contact Santie Oil Company today for all your lubricant needs!