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Why Military Oil Specifications are Better than Regular Oils

Dec 4th 2019

Recent studies show that most of the fleet managers use any synthetic lubricants that they come across to lubricate their fleets. There is no guiding principle to which synthetic lubricant company should use to manage their fleet. This is not the right approach as it has led to many and serious mechanical problems in logistical companies due to fleet failure.

Survey shows that more than 80% of lubrication professionals such as fleet managers pay huge attention to physical properties of oil such as viscosity index when selecting oils. However, most of these professionals have little information about specialty lubricants such as military oil specifications. This article highlights the benefits of specialty lubricants such as military oil specifications to a fleet.

Improved Lubrication

The primary role of any lubricant in a running machine is to prevent different forms of wear and tear. By eliminating friction, the engine will work well without the need for regular repair and replacement. However, some lubricants cannot be trusted to improve the lubrication system of a fleet. Military oil specifications meet all the necessary metrics for quality oils. They reduce wear and tear by more than 90%, which is difficult to achieve in other forms of lubricants in the industry.

Clean Fleet Engines

As a fleet manager and mechanic for that case, you are highly interested in a heavy-duty lubricant that will not only lubricate the engine system but also keep the various parts of your engine clean. However, this is not an easy achievement as most of the engines are characterized by debris, grease, and other oils. However, most of the oils out there add to the dirt rather than cleaning all the debris and foreign materials. Military oil specifications play a critical role in cleaning the entire engine, especially by removing all the dirt and debris in the moving parts.

Improved Engine Cooling

Most of the trucks need to cool their engines as they make the long journeys across the state and countries as well. Water and air are the primary cooling mechanisms in most of the engines. However, finer parts of the Lorries’ can only be cooled using special lubricants. Military oil specifications are essential in cooling all parts of the engine due to extreme penetration. The fact that mil spec oils have very high boiling points makes them the most suitable alternative for cooling the detailed parts of the engine.

Improved Engine Efficiency

Mechanical and physical weaknesses across the engine lead to a situation where most of the system is weak and does not perform the role of the engine optimally. It is very inefficient due to loose parts and sometimes poorly sealed engine and cylinder pistons. This may lead to reduced engine performance. Military oil specifications are essential in filling all the holes and gaps left by poor mechanical works, which helps in enhancing the efficiency and performance of the engine.

Increased Engine Durability

Most of the standard lubricant distributors discuss the benefits of using their oils, but none of them highlights that their oil will increase the engine’s life. This is because most of the standard oils are not of the best quality and play a major role in reducing the lifespan of the engine. However, military oil specifications have long standing lubrication capabilities, which are not common in other lubricants.

Environmental Friendly

The federal government, through various agencies, has introduced rules and regulations that govern the atmospheric impact that various oils have on the environment. Most of the construction lubricants, cutting fluids, and regular oils are currently struggling to meet these standards, which has made them not suitable. However, oils used by military have met all the necessary environmental standards, making them the most suitable oils in environmental protection.

As you can see, some oils and lubricants don’t help your fleet. You need to get the right oils so that you can extend engine life, have clean engines, enhance engine performance, and reduce environmental emissions that are considered harmful.