Why Keeping Your Aircraft Lubricated Is Important

Why Keeping Your Aircraft Lubricated Is Important

May 8th 2023

When an aircraft is in flight, it’s impossible to check a failing system or component on the spot, which makes consistent and reliable parts paramount. Thorough inspections and maintenance are non-negotiable, and lubrication is critical. You might wonder how something so small can play such a large role. Learn why lubricating your aircraft is so important.

Cleans the Engine

Aircraft lubricants are much more than petroleum. Lubrication engineers create lubricants with chemical additives, like dispersants, that help the substance perform well and maintain your engine. Dispersants keep soot suspended in the oil so it doesn’t accumulate and form gunk within the engine. Typically, dispersants can suspend particles less than one micron in size, or 1/25,00 of an inch.

Keeps Components Cool

Various components in an aircraft get incredibly hot, which can cause significant damage if left unchecked. Fortunately, the natural properties of oil lubricants allow heat to flow freely through the machinery without building up too much heat. Other viscosity stabilizer additives in the lubricant prevent the heat from lowering the viscosity of the lubricant. This way, an aircraft gets all of the lubricating and cooling properties of oil without destabilizing the formulation.

Extends Aircraft Lifespan

As you likely know, lubricants reduce friction between components, allowing machinery to move together smoothly. This may not seem like much, but this reduced friction significantly mitigates the wear and tear on machine parts. Proper lubrication helps parts last longer; a lubricant’s ability to extend a machine’s lifespan is further enhanced by its anti-corrosion additives.

Keeping your aircraft lubricated is incredibly important, as it is essentially the lifeblood of a machine. Without it, engines would cease to function, and components would break down quickly. If you need to restock your aircraft lubricants, shop at Santie Oil today! With reliable manufacturers like Royco and Castrol, we can be your one-stop shop for all of your aircraft lubrication needs.