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Why Is Oil Vital to Metalworking?

Why Is Oil Vital to Metalworking?

Mar 15th 2021

Many people don't think about the oil in their cars until the check oil light comes on or they notice that it’s been a few thousand miles since they obtained an oil check. Metalworking, be it in a car or any other situation, isn't often remembered unless that’s the field you work in. However, these are important things that have an impact on many people’s daily lives. So, what is metalworking and why is oil so important to the metalworking process?

What Is Metalworking?

Metalworking, as its name would imply, is when someone works with metal by bending, cutting, drilling, hammering, or welding it. In other words, there is a broad number of skills needed to be a good metalworker, and with the number of different types of metal from tin to steel, it takes a wide range of knowledge, too. This makes metalworking a vital skill to know and one that is highly valued.

One field where metalworking is prevalent is the automobile industry. From the engines that make cars run to the actual body of the vehicle, metal is a vital component to cars, which most people rely on to get to work, the store, and everywhere else in their life. This, in turn, means there are times when everyone who owns a vehicle needs help with the metalworking on their car.

Why Is Oil Vital to Metalworking?

Some of the biggest issues people have with their vehicles come from not putting oil into their cars. Oil goes into a car and reduces friction between metals in the engine. Without it, the metal hits the metal, repeatedly grinding, which causes overheating and damage. The lubrication that the oil gives prevents this from happening and even absorbs the heat that is generated.

There are tons of different options when it comes to oil. Castrol oil products are popular among mechanics, along with synthetic lubricants and other specialty lubricants. All of these products have their own benefits and disadvantages, but depending on the metalworking you’re going to be doing, there is often a better option available to you.

Even outside of cars, there is tons of need in regards to lubricant for metalwork. Metalworking and cutting fluids make it easier to work with metals, again providing lubricant to keep grinding and damage from occurring. This means that, while cars are the most common thing most people think of and have use for in terms of oil, there is usage for anyone who is working with metalworking and similar machinery.

The metalworking fluids industry is a major one, reaching $9.74 billion in 2020. This is due to the importance of metalworking in different industries. However, it does mean there are plenty of options out there, so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the best available option.