Government Buying

The General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule is essentially a government contract with commercial companies that allows government entities and programs to access goods and services at a reasonable price. This makes it easier for government workers to do their jobs and maintain their equipment without having to spend their own money and without costing the government exorbitant amounts of money. Overall, it creates a more efficient and symbiotic relationship between the government and the business it works with and contracts. In addition, government workers can apply for a government purchase card so that they can easily purchase the goods and services provided by government-designated companies.

There are a wide variety of industrial fields that require the benefits that government buying provides. Without this system, essential society components and programs would break down. For example, GSA government purchasing allows federal mechanic companies to more affordably service the mail trucks that deliver our mail and the fleet vehicles that transport vital materials to manufacturing and production companies. In a way, government purchasing is the gear oil that keeps the essential mechanisms of our society turning every single day. That's why, to help keep the engine of everyday life humming, Santie Oil Company now allows government workers to use their GSA cards. That way, vital federal employees can get the oil, grease, and lubrication products they need to service engines, hydraulic systems, and other machinery across the United States.

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