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Why Choose Synthetic Oil?

Why Choose Synthetic Oil?

Aug 18th 2020

  1. In a recent study, manufacturing companies estimate that 70% of their unexpected equipment shutdowns in the last three years were caused by incorrect lubricant selections and/or management. Using the incorrect type of oil can not only damage equipment, it can end up being costly to repair the damage. With Castrol oil wholesale products, these types of complications can be avoided, and the Castrol oil products can ensure your equipment doesn’t malfunction or fail. Castrol lubricants have a variety of products suited for any equipment or vehicle needs. Synthetic oil is the safer option whenever looking into a lubricant for any type of equipment, and Castrol oil wholesale has a great selection of these types of oils.

Technological Advantages of Synthetic Oil

With synthetic oil, the main difference is the level of refinement it has compared to conventional oil. The refinement level is higher when it comes to synthetic oils, which gives them the ability to enhance vehicle or equipment performance, reduce engine sludge, and lower friction as well. Synthetic oil can also perform better in colder climates and extreme weather. With the refinement level being high, this also means that the oil will be cleaner with fewer contaminants. The additives put in synthetic oils can clean the engines while also increasing protection for those engines. The different kinds of synthetic oil that Castrol oil wholesale has to offer will be able to provide these advantages to any equipment or vehicle in need of improvements.

Environmental Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is great for vehicles and equipment, and it’s also much better for the environment than conventional oils. Emissions have a huge impact on our environment, and with synthetic oils, it produces fewer emissions than a traditional type of lubricant. This kind of oil is also better suited for protection against any kind of weather, extreme or not. Synthetic lubricants tend to last a lot longer than conventional oil, which greatly reduces the amount of oil being used. By reducing the amount of oil used for vehicles and other equipment, synthetic oil helps decrease the overall usage of oil. Another environmental advantage of synthetic oil is that it will also reduce how dependent we are on foreign oil. With synthetic oil, it doesn't need to be pulled out of the earth like with conventional oil, making it less harmful to the environment. It’s not necessary to depend on foreign oil when using synthetic oil since there’s no need to find oil elsewhere and take it from the earth. Synthetic oil doesn’t necessarily have greener qualities than conventional oil, but it reduces the use of oil and helps lessen the amount of oil taken from the earth. This makes synthetic oil the greener option compared to conventional oils.

More Benefits of Synthetic Oils

The engine of equipment and vehicles using synthetic oils benefits greatly from it. Engines have a quicker starting time, and there is a reduced engine drag from lessened oil thickening. With the engine having more protection, this can lower maintenance costs in the long run. As mentioned before, synthetic oil has fewer impurities than conventional oil. This adds to the oil thickening slower and burning much cleaner, which is one of the reasons that synthetic oil will last much longer in equipment. The quality and effectiveness of synthetic oil is much more predictable and stable than conventional oil, making it the more reliable option out of the two.

Synthetic oils have proven to be the more environmentally sound and the more effective option for oils used in equipment and vehicles. Synthetic lubricants are more reliable and can help equipment thrive for a longer time than conventional oil options do. Not to mention by having a reliable and more effective oil option for vehicles and equipment, that can prevent future complications and costs needed. Castrol oil wholesale provides a great selection of synthetic oils for any vehicle and/or equipment. Better quality and reliability are guaranteed when switching to synthetic oils, and that quality increases even more when choosing to buy Castrol oil products.