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What Makes Synthetics Great For Summer Work?

What Makes Synthetics Great For Summer Work?

Jul 26th 2019

Synthetic lubricants are known for being able to work in extreme temperatures and conditions while still effectively preventing corrosion and overheating. It's synthetics' incredible performance that makes them a favorite with many manufacturing companies and trucking businesses.

Even companies who prefer cutting fluids that are semi-synthetic or non-synthetic often agree that synthetics are the optimal wholesale oil solution for the summer months. Not on board just yet? Here are a few reasons why synthetic oils are great for summer manufacturing and trucking work.

Synthetics provide better protection in high temperatures

It's not surprising that manufacturing equipment gets hot. Lubricants are specifically designed to help cool them down so they can run efficiently. But during the summer months, temperatures can climb anywhere from 85 degrees to 110.

This can be a problem for certain corrosion preventatives, which can thin in the heat and increase friction. Synthetics perform better in both high and low temperatures, which allows your machines to work well without wear even in intense heat.

Synthetics provide a stable viscosity

As mentioned above, synthetics don't thin in hot temperatures and thicken in cold temperatures, which improves a machine's efficiency and reduces wear and tear. This is because synthetics have greater viscosity stability.

Viscosity stability comes in handy during the summer months as we get closer to autumn. The hot temperatures during the day can cool way down at night, which can cause issues not only for equipment but also for trucks. Because synthetics have a stable viscosity, you don't need to worry about your machines operating poorly at certain times of the day.

Synthetics provide oxidation stability

Synthetics have better thermal and oxidation stability than non-synthetics. This allows synthetic lubricants to maintain deposit control and reduce viscosity changes as the lubricant ages.

This means your business doesn't need to make as many oil changes during the summer and your equipment doesn't need to take as long of a break.

Where can I buy corrosion preventatives wholesale?

It's no secret that it's crucial to use the correct lubricants whether you're working with manufacturing equipment or with your fleet. But a recent international study found that only 42% of manufacturing companies have all the correct procedures in place to effectively manage their corrosion preventatives. Another 63% of companies said they don't conduct their staff training on corrosion preventatives as often as they should.

If you're looking for industrial lubricants that can keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently whether it's hot or cold outside, synthetic lubricants are the way to go. For more information on specialty lubricants and other oil solutions, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.