What Kind of Maintenance Does a Wind Turbine Need?

What Kind of Maintenance Does a Wind Turbine Need?

Dec 9th 2022

With an increasing focus on solar energy and renewable resources, it's vital to understand the role of wind turbines in these efforts. These giant and powerful structures pave the way for renewable energy sources and impact how everyday consumers view their energy supply and demand. For technicians in the energy field, performing routine, predictive, and sometimes emergent maintenance is vital to ensure optimal performance and provide long-term solutions.

Importance of Routine Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance on wind turbines aids in optimal functionality and performance. A primary objective in ensuring there is an adequate maintenance plan in place is reducing or eliminating downtime.

Wind turbines meet the energy demands of the sources that pull from them, so it's critical they maintain their basic functions. Additionally, keeping the turbines in good condition can extend their lifespan and provide profound data analytics related to energy usage, demand, and supply.

Inspecting the Components

The bolts and associated components are some of the most vital aspects of any wind turbine. Including a comprehensive bolt inspection process in all maintenance routines can help ensure optimal performance.

Bolts assist in the basic structure of a wind turbine and are necessary for the operation of the blades, hub, foundation, tower, and nacelle. On average, one wind turbine requires up to 25,000 bolts and associated components. Wind turbines may fail or deteriorate at accelerated rates without functioning bolt assemblies.

Overview of Preventative Maintenance

There are several tasks that coexist with preventative maintenance demands. Because of how extensive these measures can be, it's vital to streamline the upkeep process and stick to a schedule for each component. The various elements that technicians must inspect include:

  • Connection points and ball bearings
  • Air filtration systems and ventilation measures
  • Blades and proper pitching
  • All electrical parts, including the brakes, gearbox, and cabinet
  • Appropriate lubrication levels on all working components
  • Adequate drive-train alignment

It's essential to note that it may not be feasible to complete all these tasks in one sitting because of how comprehensive these maintenance measures are. Upon completing predictive maintenance, technicians may find issues in one area or another, and the time it takes to perform the maintenance can become lengthy.

The Tools Needed To Perform Maintenance

For a technician to complete the necessary maintenance tasks, they need to have a few tools in their arsenal. Devices such as hydraulic wrenches, nut splitters, alignment devices, and hydraulic bolt fasteners will assist in broad and specific maintenance demands.

Additionally, equipping the maintenance call with wind turbine gearbox lubrication can ensure the technician attends to a job with proper oiling and fluids. A well-lubricated wind turbine is an efficient, high-performing structure.

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