What Is the Purpose of Industrial Oil Filters?

What Is the Purpose of Industrial Oil Filters?

Aug 29th 2023

Professionals in the automotive industry know there is no such thing as throw-away parts. Every component and part play a significant role in the operation of machinery. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose of industrial oil filters.

The Purpose of Industrial Oil Filters

Oil filters do exactly what their name suggests. They control the quality of lubricants. Industrial oil filters remove dirt, grime, particles, and other contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricant oil, and hydraulic oil.

If these contaminants or particles get inside the oil, they could damage many components. Oil filters come in two primary types: full-flow filters and modern bypass filters.

A full-flow filter protects the engine from abrasion. This damage typically happens during the colder months. The filter prevents large particles from entering the oil. The second filter type is a modern bypass. This type doesn’t clean as well as a full-flow filter but supports the full-flow filter and keeps the oil in good condition. The modern bypass filter prevents dirt, water, and small particles from entering machinery.

How To Use Oil Filters

Here are a few essential steps you must follow when changing an oil filter. To start, the oil should always meet the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Replace the filters each time you drain the oil. Operators should monitor for pressure drops, flow rate changes, and valve cracking to ensure there are no problems in the system. Ignoring them could result in catastrophic failure of the equipment.

Benefits of High-Quality Oil Filtration

Industrial oil filters are crucial to maintain the quality of the oil. So, use high-quality filters to avoid mishaps. Choose an oil filter that operates at its full potential. Every oil filter differs depending on its intended use. Operators need to choose a filter that meets their needs.

If your oil filter will collect gravel or dirt, find a filter with a high collection rate. Santie Oil Company is a wholesale oil distributor that can ensure your equipment’s performance and protect the quality of its oil. For more information, visit our website.