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What Does Cutting Fluid Do?

Mar 6th 2020

When working with machinery, having the right maintenance tools and materials is essential. Machines that are not properly maintained can cause serious damage and slow down operations for businesses. This is especially true when it comes to the use (or lack thereof) of industrial lubricants and corrosion preventatives, like cutting fluids. According to a recent study, manufacturing companies estimate that 70% of their unplanned equipment shutdowns in the last three years were caused by incorrect lubricant selection or management. But what exactly do Castrol cutting fluid and similar metalworking and cutting fluids do to maintain machinery? How do they work?

Reducing Friction

Cutting fluids and lubricants reduce the total friction during metalworking, making the process simpler in a multitude of ways. This ultimately creates a more precise, higher-quality end product. Friction can be incredibly damaging to both your working material and your tools, so choosing the right cutting fluid for your material can improve your work. Lubricants will not totally eliminate the effects of friction, but they can reduce it enough that its impacts are negligible in production.

Reducing Temperature

Friction during manufacturing and metalworking can create intense heat and high temperatures. The impact of this heat can range from discoloring or warping your final product to severely damaging both your materials and machines. Using Castrol cutting fluid or other specialty lubricants can keep temperatures within a reasonable range so your products turn out correctly every time without damage to machinery.

Extending Machinery Lifespan

With reduced friction and temperatures, it's far more likely that your metalworking machinery will last as long as expected. Misuse or not using lubricants at all for cutting and other forms of metalworking can cause serious damage to your machinery. Similarly, it can pose a severe hazard to workers operating the machinery. Because of this, choosing the right cutting fluid is essential to safe and effective operation.

Castrol cutting fluid is just one of many options of lubricants for your metalworking machinery. Purchasing cutting fluid and other important maintenance materials for your metalworking business will keep your machines running smoothly, make sure your products look and function as they should, and protect your workers. For more information on cutting fluids or to purchase industrial lubricants for your business, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.