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Top Uses of Castrol Cutting Fluid And Its Importance in Metalworking

Nov 1st 2019

When metalworking or conducting machine work for any industrial-based business, there is always one variable that is just as important as the machines involved with production and manufacturing: the cutting fluid.

Cutting fluid has a wide variety of advantages. Using it can make the cutting and shaping process significantly more seamless. Using the right cutting fluid is also a great way to cut production costs and extend the lifespan of your machining equipment. It’s no doubt one of the most important puzzle pieces when it comes to putting together machine work.

Continue reading to learn more about Castrol cutting fluid, specifically, and its many uses.

Castrol cutting fluid improves the final finish of the surface

When you’re done with the metalworking process, you undoubtedly want to reveal something that you’re proud of. Using Castrol industrial oil ensures that the final product comes out looking just how you envisioned it. The cutting oil improves the finish of the final surface, so you don’t have any harsh looking imperfections once you’ve completed the work. Cutting oil also washed away any chips that may have appeared in the cutting zone.

Castrol cutting fluid can reduce friction when metalworking

Cutting oil serves as a lubricant for metalwork, reducing friction and making your job much easier and speeding up production.

Cooling using Castrol cutting fluids

Cutting fluid can also be used during the cooling process. When using the fluid, you may either spray it using a mist or jet application onto the product. Alternatively, you may also use the flooding method to submerge the tool and workpiece.

A final word on the importance of Castrol cutting fluid and its many uses

Metalworking and cutting fluids like Castrol cutting fluid have many benefits and uses, as you can see. It is crucial to the machining industry. Without it, grinding, drilling, and sawing would be more arduous processes.

When working in the metalworking field, it’s important that every part is working efficiently for the best results. And selecting the right cutting fluid is one of the more important decisions you can make in your field of work. To learn more about whether this cutting fluid is right for your application, please contact us today.