Tips for Selecting Aviation Grease for Your Wheel Bearings

Tips for Selecting Aviation Grease for Your Wheel Bearings

Sep 15th 2022

Airplanes are highly technical modes of transportation that require accuracy and adequate care. Selecting the correct aviation grease plays a significant role in how well the wheel bearings can sustain the demands. Here, we cover a few common considerations when selecting aviation grease to help ensure you make the best decision.

Most Common Aviation Grease Applications

The primary goal of your aviation grease is to reduce the overall amount of friction in the wheel bearings and various other moving parts. This helps create smooth flows and reduces resistance or tension between parts.

You can also help prevent corrosive behaviors or prolong the lifespan of a part by ensuring there is adequate greasing. Many airplane and jet parts can experience oxidation due to high levels of oxygen exposure. And while this will not occur overnight, you can apply aviation grease to prevent oxidation through corrosion.

Things To Consider When Selecting Aviation Greases

There are a variety of formulas available in aviation grease, so it’s essential to understand your needs. You can acquire natural or synthetic grease, each with unique benefits.

A synthetic aviation grease will often outperform a natural aviation grease because of its chemical design. Synthetic greases offer optimal protection and help prevent corrosion and friction for longer.

Other formulas are built to endure extremely high temperatures, and these will work best for engines, engine parts, or other components with heat exposure.

The wheel bearings help assist in rotational control. These components experience the most level of friction because of their motion demands. It’s essential to use aviation lubricants on the wheel bearings because these greases can withstand circulatory demands and prevent friction.

Know When To Upgrade Existing Greases

There may come a time when your existing aviation grease is no longer effective or optimal for performance demands. In this case, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Some typical reasons engineers look for upgrades include dissatisfaction with performance ratings, inventory management, or manufacturing changes. In any of these situations, partner with Santie Oil Company to review existing grease compared to upgraded options.

Here at Santie Oil Company, we understand how important it is to have a suitable supply of greases and lubricants. Connect with our industry-leading professionals to learn more about our selection of quality aviation greases and lubricants for your airplane’s wheel bearings!