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The Role of Military Specification Oils in Manufacturing Plants

The Role of Military Specification Oils in Manufacturing Plants

Oct 25th 2019

Most manufacturing companies have very little knowledge about the oils and lubricants used in lubricating their machines. Recently, an international study indicated that only 42% of manufacturing entities have the right procedures when it comes to managing oils and other lubricants. In the same study, it was discovered that 63% of manufacturing companies don’t offer the necessary training to their employees on matters regarding oils and synthetic lubricants.

Having very little knowledge about oil solutions (for instance, mil spec oil compatibility) explains why manufacturing companies don’t use mil spec oil to lubricate their moving parts. Using synthetic oils has become the norm in many manufacturing and metalworking companies, but others have continued to use traditional and even outdated methods. If your company has been using regular transportation lubricants, here are some of the reasons why you should start using mil spec oil.

1. Extended Plant Life

Replacing engines and heavy machinery in the plant is a common mechanical undertaking in any manufacturing company. Most moving parts within an engine tend to wear and tear with ease. However, mil spec oil extends plant life owing to increased and longstanding lubrication properties that are not common in other oils. Therefore, discarding standard plant lubricants for mil spec oils and lubricants is one way of minimizing operational cost and extending plant life.

2. Reduction of Emissions

The government, through the Environmental Protection Agency and other departments, has introduced rules and regulations that govern atmospheric emissions. These rules have gone to the extent of indicating what level of emission is expected or allowed from manufacturing companies. Unlike regular cutting fluids, mil spec oil compatibility allows for very little emission into the atmosphere. If you have been struggling with atmospheric emissions, it is high time you incorporate military oil specifications in your operations.

3. Improved Piston Sealing

Inefficiencies are common in many manufacturing companies. Poor installation, mechanical problems, and fatigue are some of the few factors that cause inefficiencies. However, huge holes between the pistons and the cylinders lower the performance of equipment. Knowledge about mil spec oil compatibility helps in covering these holes, which in turn increases the performance of a manufacturing plant. Standards oils may not fill these holes because of low density and viscosity.

4. Increased Plant Cooling

Every manufacturing plant or a large engine has a cooling system that uses water or air. However, some parts of the engine are not cooled by air or water, which leaves them at a danger of damage. Mil spec oil helps in cooling these parts because it penetrates all the areas of the engine. Additionally, the high boiling point of mil spec lubricant makes it the most suitable equipment oil for plant cooling.

5. Enhanced Lubrication

Wear and tear are common aspects in any manufacturing plant. However, mil spec oils and equipment offer outstanding lubrication that is hard to get from the standard lubricants in the industry. Mil spec oil compatibility has been standardized to lubricate heavy moving military equipment, which means that they are a grade above regular grease. Therefore, if you want your manufacturing plant to cut wear and tear that comes through increased friction, you need to use lubricants that meet all military specifications.

6. Cleaner Manufacturing Plants

As you already know, your entire manufacturing plant is characterized by oils, grease, and debris in the oil tank. Mil spec oil is not only intended to cool and lubricate your system; it will also ensure that you have clean equipment. Castrol lubricants and oils will help in removing dirt and debris and that collect in the oil tank and around moving parts. You don’t want the moving parts of your system to be affected by soil particles and debris.

As you can see, mil spec oil has significant impacts on your manufacturing plant as compared to the oils and lubricants sold in ordinary auto shop. If you are looking for military specifications oil to lubricate, clean, and cool your manufacturing plant, contact Santie Oil Company. Located in Missouri, we have been in business since 1948, and we have the necessary knowledge when it comes to military-specific oil and lubrication products.