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The Benefits of Using Mil Spec Oils and Lubricants

Feb 19th 2020

Recent studies have shown that nearly 70% of unplanned shutdowns in manufacturing occur due to incorrect lubricant usage. Because equipment shutdowns can set you back, stall productivity, and cost you money, it’s critical to ensure that you use lubricants with military oil specifications. This means that the industrial lubricants meet military standards making them one of the safest and smartest choices for every industry.

Superior Lubrication

Synthetic oils and lubricants that meet military oil specifications help ensure that wear and tear due to inferior lubrication are eliminated. This helps reduce friction, making machinery last longer, without the fear of unplanned shutdown. If you want to ensure that your machinery can run quieter and smoother, synthetic lubricants that meet military oil specifications are what you need.

A Cleaner Engine

Mil spec oil can not only provide superior lubrication, but it can allow engines to run much cleaner. For instance, Castrol lubricants help remove particles and debris that can otherwise accumulate and cause a shutdown. Without this, you can also see increased emission problems due to the dirt inside. Oils and lubricants that meet military oil specifications help mitigate these issues and run much cleaner overall.

Lower Emissions

Going back to emissions, the growing regulations behind general emissions is something to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your oil and lubricants. If you’re currently producing a lot of emissions, instead of waiting for a fine to show up, Castrol oil should be used to help your engine run cleaner with little to no emissions to worry about.

Improving Performance and Efficiency

Lubricants and oils that meet military oil specifications are also designed to improve efficiency and performance. A cleaner engine means less fuel consumption needed to turn the pistons. The added reduction of friction which alleviates most wear and tear can also help you run more efficiently, while also prolonging the life of your engine. Overall, this gives you better output and better utilization of your machinery.

Cooling the Engine

While the cooling system can help keep parts of the engine cool, mil spec lubricants can maximize the effectiveness of this system and help keep your engine cool even during prolonged use.


In larger pieces of machinery, the spaces between pistons and cylinders can be significant. This space can impact performance and prevent it from being able to function as it should. Lubricants that meet military specifications can help fill these spaces to better allow for smoother running and increased efficiency.

If you’ve experienced an unplanned shut down due to incorrectly lubrication, or if you need to lower your machines emissions levels, consider upgrading to lubricants and oils that meet military oil specifications. These lubricants are tried and tested to ensure that you get the best product possible.