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The Benefits Of Recycling Metalworking Fluids

The Benefits Of Recycling Metalworking Fluids

Dec 28th 2021

Recycling isn't just a concept used to minimize the environmental impact of various industrial activities. It also offers tangible benefits to industries. This is especially so for metalworking and metal forming industries that make an effort to recycle their metalworking fluids. Let's explore the benefits of recycling industrial lubricants in more detail.

Reduces Coolant Costs

The cost of coolants is not to be sniffed at, and without recycling, the cost can really add up. Not only do companies have to pay more money to cover the disposal of used coolant, but they also have to buy new replacement coolant. Fortunately, metalworking companies can make life easier by recycling their coolant. The available technologies allow companies to recover up to 60% of the coolant concentrate. This is mostly done through a process of filtration that removes tramp oils and solids. Through fluid recycling, the company doesn't have to spend money hiring a certified company to dispose of used coolant or invest money into refiling machines with new coolant.

Improves Air Quality

As mentioned, used coolant can be recycled to remove unwanted oils. Removal of these oils minimizes the amount of oil mist in the air. Oil mist can be a dangerous substance because it's been associated with several health problems, such as bronchial asthma and contact dermatitis. Therefore, recycling used coolant helps to produce a healthier environment for workers. The benefits don't just stop there, though. Overall, the working environment is safer because there aren't any slippery surfaces caused by oil mist that can reduce the risk of injury. This, in turn, reduces a company's risk of liability.

Indoor air quality also improves through the elimination of bacteria and odors. Without removal of chips and smaller fines, the residue promotes the growth of bacteria which in turn leads to foul smells. Therefore, it's necessary to filter the fluid to improve the life of the coolant and cut costs.

Enhances Machine Performance

Removing tramp oil from coolant also has another major benefit. It helps to keep machine tools in good condition. That's because the recycling of industrial lubricants enhances fluid performance and reduces wear and tear.

The bottom line is that recycling industrial lubricants can offer significant cost reductions. Industries can expect as much as 8% volume reduction against a non-recycling system. Once metalworking industries realize these benefits, they will be more motivated to explore acceptable fluid recycling approaches.