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Need A New Lubricant Oil? Keep These Qualities In Mind

Need A New Lubricant Oil? Keep These Qualities In Mind

Apr 12th 2019

When it comes to industrial supplies, it can be challenging to find the right grease or lubricant for your equipment. An incorrect lubricant selection can cause an unplanned equipment shutdown, which creates a domino effect with a whole slew of problems.

So how can you be sure you're making an informed decision when choosing your metalworking fluids and oil solutions? Consider the following qualities you'll want to pay attention to when choosing a metalworking fluid regardless of your industry.

The lubricant's base oil viscosity

The base oil viscosity of your lubricant can make or break your equipment. We mean that literally. A lubricant that's too thick can cause your machine to slow down and overheat, which can cause equipment shutdowns.

That said, base oil viscosity is a fundamental quality of your lubricant. The good news is you can calculate the base oil viscosity of your lubricant using a formula involving the speed and dimensions of the bearings in your machinery. A general-purpose lubricant will typically have a viscosity of ISO 460 or higher.

The lubricant's base oil type

Not only is the viscosity of the lubricant important but so is the base oil. Depending on the base oil of the lubricant, the viscosity can change. The base oil of the lubricant is determined by the conditions where the lubricant performs best.

For instance, lubricants with a synthetic oil base work in a wide variety of applications, temperatures, and conditions. Lubricants with a mineral oil base work best in conditions that are consistent with moderate temperatures.

The lubricant's thickener

Thickener might seem like a lubricating ingredient, but it's actually a major component in the quality of the fluid because it's what holds the product in place.

A high-quality thickener can be used in a variety of conditions. But it ought to be noted that thickeners should never be combined.

Looking for wholesale cutting fluids and oil solutions?

Metalworking and cutting fluids play a vital role in machining and heavy duty equipment. It's your lubricants that remove pieces of metal and keep your equipment from overheating with a substantial flow of four to 20 liters per minute.

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