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Metalworking: Are Synthetic Lubricants Worth the Investment?

Jul 27th 2019


fWhen it comes to keeping your metalworking equipment in the best shape possible, investing in lubricants is a must. The right metalworking fluids can make all the difference in whether or not everything goes as planned or breaks down prematurely. By doing your research and staying educated, you can wind up making a big difference in how successful your next metalworking project turns out.
Consider this: A recent study indicated that, in the last three years, manufacturing companies experienced a large amount of shutdowns due to using the wrong lubricants. In fact, it was estimated that 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns were because of this - a problem that could have easily been avoided.

Why Lubricants are Important

Lubricants serve many functions when it comes to keeping your metalworking equipment better protected. The help to keep things separated, decreasing the amount of wear the machine experiences, and they minimize friction, corrosion, and the likelihood of damages, as well.
They also help keep out substances that could cause harm, such as water or even soot, and they help the machine produce enough force to function as efficiently and as effectively as possible. 

Your Machines Deserve the Best

It is clear that lubricants play a vital role in optimal functioning, so don’t you feel that your equipment deserve the best products out there? That’s where synthetic lubricants come in. Both pure synthetics and semi-synthetic lubricants tend to offer better results and improved functioning, and they both contain little to no oil.
What’s the difference between the two? If your lubricant is pure, no oil should be present, while semi-synthetic options typically contain less than 30% of oil. Semi-synthetic lubricants are often recognized as giving you better performance options, without costing you quite as much as the pure synthetic choices.
What does this mean for your machines and equipment? Well, synthetics are shown to help your machines run longer and more efficiently, and they tend to work better in more extreme conditions, should the temperatures you are working with be unusually high or low.
They are also better at resisting oxidation, and they can even lower internal friction, helping you to save energy and lower the amount of deposits that end up developing.

We are Eager to Help you Out

When it comes to purchasing lubricants for metal work, you definitely do not want to skimp. If you are interested in purchasing synthetic lubricants for your metalworking parts, then invest in the care you deserve, and work with the team here at Santie Oil Company today.