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How to Evaluate Your Oil Distributor

Jan 28th 2020

Oil and lubricants are some of the most demanded products in various industries. They play a vital role in cooling and preventing friction in machines. However, as a machine operator, you want to lubricate your moving parts with the right oil to prevent incidences of corrosion and to enhance the longevity of your machine.

Getting the right industrial lubricants mostly depends on your lubricant distributor. Here are some of the strategies you can use to get the right lubricant distributor in the industry.

1. Supplier Reliance

There are many lubricant distributors. Each one of them has varying reliance issues, which is a major problem in the oil industry. As a machine operator, you don't know when your machine will demand additional oiling. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a reliable oil supplier who will deliver industrial supplies as and when demanded. You don't want to contract a Castro super clean supplier who will spend more than two days before delivering your order.

2. Lubricant Options

As you already know, there are four roles of metalworking fluids namely chip removal, corrosion control, lubrication, and cooling. All these functions are carried out by specific Castro products. Therefore, you need to make sure that the lubricant distributors you will entrust with supplying you with lubrication productions have different options. It will be important if you can consider a general lubricant distributor rather than a supplier who only supplies a specific lubricant. It may not work for your machinery and metalworking activities.

3. Product Quality

Among other factors that you will consider in your selection process, product quality is of utmost importance. You don't want to get lubricants that will corrode your machines. Neither do you want oil that evaporates within a few minutes, which means that you have to keep on applying more. There are many lubricant distributors out there in the industry who cannot guarantee the quality of their lubricants. Always concentrate on ensuring that you choose lubricant supplier who can guarantee consistent quality.

4. Technical Expertise

Some lubricant distributors are only good at supplying different types of lubricants. However, they don't have any technical ability when it comes to the application of the lubricants they sell. You should avoid such suppliers. Work with lubricant distributors who have technical expertise on various types of oils. Technical expertise is important because it helps in understanding the different types of lubricants and what each one of them offers. Don't work with naïve suppliers as they may sell to you a lubricant they know very little about.

5. Customer Relations

Working with any lubricant supplier constitutes a partnership. In any partnership, there should be open communication between the supplier and the buyer. Therefore, customer relations should adhere to the highest levels possible. Official communication should be upheld at any given time to avoid breakdown or misinterpretation of information. Your synthetic oil supplier should treat you as a business partner rather than a subject. Therefore, your opinion should count and should stand in most cases because you are the user of the product.

6. Industrial Experience

In any technical industry, the experience is necessary because it helps in preventing problems before they can multiply. Lubricant distribution is a technical industry, and as such, you need to consider experienced lubricant distributors. Experience distributors understand specialty lubricants and other Purus lubricants that can be essential in your machine lubrication. Additionally, experienced suppliers have been in the distribution industry for many years and understand the impacts of oils and other lubricants to the environment. They incorporate the necessary preventing measures to avoid spillage and other environmental impacts.

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