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How Can I Optimize My Fleet's Oil For Warmer Weather?

How Can I Optimize My Fleet's Oil For Warmer Weather?

Apr 15th 2019

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Spring may have only just begun, but summer is only two months away and warmer weather is approaching even faster. Differences in temperature can impact the way your lubricants cool down your machines and protect against friction.

Manufacturing machines that are kept indoors may not face as many issues when it comes to outdoor temperatures. But what about the trucks you're sending out to deliver your products?

Consider the following oil solutions to keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently during the warmer months as we start to head toward summer.

Use an oil that has multi-viscosity

Certain oils have different viscosities that directly impact the performance of your trucks. This is also true of metalworking fluids on your manufacturing machines.

An oil that has a normal viscosity in regular temperatures may thicken in colder temperatures and thin when it's hot. This can prevent your fleet from operating and increase downtime.

During the warmer months, it may be in your best interest to consider using a multi-viscosity oil that has one rate when cold and another when it's been warmed to operating temperature.

Consider using synthetics

Some businesses prefer to use synthetics while others opt for standard engine oil. But synthetic oils do have the upper hand when it comes to consistent viscosity and performance during extreme temperatures.

This is because synthetics make use of their unique detergents and additives that have better protection against the stress of high RPMs on hot days. Synthetic oils can also resist thinning and foaming, which can happen with standard engine oil at high temperatures.

Change your fleet's oil often if necessary

In a perfect world, you'd be able to save time and money by not having to change your fleet's oil. But in the world we're in, certain driving routes can pick up more dust and dirt, which can take a toll on your fleet's oil and oil filters.

To maintain the highest levels of efficiency and protection for your fleet, it would be in your best interest to invest in oil wholesale and not to prolong your oil changes.

Looking for wholesale industrial lubricants?

When it comes to oil solutions, only 89% of lubrication professionals report considering an oil's viscosity index when selecting a metalworking fluid. It's important to remember that an oil's viscosity impacts your equipment and the efficiency of your business, especially during the more extreme-weather seasons.

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