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Here’s Why You Should Use Mil Spec Oils and Lubricants

Here’s Why You Should Use Mil Spec Oils and Lubricants

Feb 16th 2021

For manufacturers who use heavy machinery and equipment in their daily operations, selecting the right heavy-duty lubricant is key in ensuring smooth operations. That means choosing high-quality mil spec oils and lubricants to keep your engines running smoothly for longer. In a recent study, manufacturing companies say that about 70% of their unplanned equipment shutdowns were caused by incorrect lubricant selection or management.

This underlines the importance of selecting the right industrial lubricants. In so doing, more manufacturing companies are using mil spec oils and lubricants for their machinery and equipment because of the following benefits.

1. Mil Spec Oils and Lubricants Preserve the Health of Your Engines

Mil spec oils do more than lubricate your equipment engines -- they also help keep your engine clean for a longer time. Your factory machinery accumulates a lot of dirt and debris during operations. If the dirt is not cleaned off the engine, your equipment may fail and shut down, or operate dismally.

Mil spec oils and lubricants keep your engine clean by removing the dust particles that may have accumulated in the engine. This is what makes them special. Other oils will only lubricate the engine but may not be so useful in cleaning the debris that collects in the engine. That is why mil spec lubricants like Castrol braycote are more suitable for industrial equipment use.

2. Mil Spec Lubricants Reduce Wear and Tear

All the moving parts of the machinery in your factory are subject to wear and tear. Without a high-quality lubricant, the friction produced can be excessive and escalate the wear and tear. This means that you run the risk of mechanical failure or costly replacements that will be detrimental to your bottom line. Luckily, specialty lubricants that have met military standards provide better lubrication to keep all the moving parts of your machinery running smoothly with little friction. Additionally, your equipment will operate without causing much noise pollution.

3. Mil Spec Oils and Lubricants Help Lower Emissions

It’s estimated that factory emissions contribute roughly 50% of the greenhouse gases. This has compelled most governments to put in place tough regulations to control the amount of factory-produced emissions. While industrial lubricants are not the major cause of pollution from your factory, they help reduce emissions produced by your machinery by keeping the engines clean. When you use high-quality lubricants in your factory, you will reduce emissions by a small but significant percentage over time.

4. Mil Spec Lubricants Enhance Performance and Efficiency of Your Machines

Lubricants that have satisfied military oil specifications offer superior lubrication. As a result, your machinery will run more smoothly with reduced friction. This means that you will do more with your factory equipment without incurring losses due to machine breakdowns and costly repairs. In the long end, this will boost the productivity and efficiency of your factory. You’ll get a better ROI from your factory equipment.

Even better, top-quality lubricants such as Castrol lubricants increase the service life of your machines. When you use them correctly and consistently, they will help keep the engine of your machines in mint condition. This is an attractive prospect, given that machinery and equipment make almost 50% of a factory’s investment.

It’s better to use mil spec oils and lubricants for your factory equipment and machinery because they enhance the performance and efficiency of your operations. Top-quality industrial lubricants also help prevent wear and tear by reducing the amount of friction produced by the moving parts of your equipment.

When buying mil spec oils, industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, and cutting fluids, buy from a reputable oil company. Such a company will have many types of oil lubricants from top brands such as Castrol, Chevron USA, Service Pro, Summit, Mobil, Purus, and SOC Lubricants. The quality of your lubricants matters a lot because they will directly affect the running and operations of your factory equipment.