Can Lubricants Improve the Fuel Economy of Fleets?

Can Lubricants Improve the Fuel Economy of Fleets?

Mar 18th 2022

Connecting with a trusted lubricant oil distributor is your first step in curtailing fleet fuel costs. High-quality lubricants can help to reign in fleet fuel consumption costs. Learn how you can cut costs and improve the longevity of your fleet vehicles by having the right lubricant oil distributor in your corner.

Why Are Lubricants Important?

Fleet vehicles have to be protected against unusual wear and tear. They often carry heavier loads, rack up the miles quickly, and are put under more stress than other types of vehicles. Good quality lubricants are important for all types of machinery but especially important when a machine is put to the test day after day.

Lubricants and how they are used are important to every industry that utilizes machines, whether they are vehicles, metalworking machines, or other equipment. For example, there is an indication that recycling fluids from metalworking machines can have a significant savings of about an 8% reduction in volume. Managing your fleet well includes having a lubricant management plan in place.

What Can the Right Lubricant Do For Your Fleet?

Lubricants are made to reduce wear and tear on moving parts. A lubricant oil distributor that can supply you with lubricants that are in line with OEM requirements, and in many cases exceed those requirements, can help you to protect your fleet. When you reduce wear and tear on moving parts, your fleet will be optimized for fuel efficiency.

”Drag” occurs when there is not enough lubricant and it burns up fuel. High-quality lubricants can reduce drag while providing protection and, of course, increase fuel efficiency.

Quality Matters When Choosing Your Lubricant Oils

Lubricants come in different grades for a reason. The higher the grade, the better the protection. The right lubricant oil distributor will have a range of grades to choose from that can best support your fleet needs. Choosing high-quality trusted lubricants that have a proven track record of performance is essential.

Proper fleet management includes being proactive when it comes to lubricants. If you want your fleet to run smoother, experience less downtime, and improve fuel efficiency, then using the right lubricants is the way to go. You can get costs under control by maintaining your fleet with the best types of lubricants. Learn more today.