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Benefits of Synthetic Oils Over Naturally Occurring Oils

Benefits of Synthetic Oils Over Naturally Occurring Oils

Jun 28th 2019

Synthetic lubricants form a class of oils, greases, and other lubricants that are not extracted from their natural form. They are not from crude oil, but a mixture of crude oil and other natural made chemical compounds. This makes synthetic oils a different product from what people know as conventional oil.

The presence of new and naturally made chemicals makes synthetics to have a different chemical and physical behavior, which is highly preferred by individuals using oils for different purposes. Synthetic oil has military oil specifications, which means that it can be used by the military. However, these oils and lubricants have a plethora of other benefits that make them better as compared to the naturally occurring oils.

Military Specifications

Most of the Castrol lubricants are synthetic oils, which mean that they are highly preferred by the military due to their chemical compositions. They have other properties that are not different from the naturally occurring oils, which explain why they have met all the military oil specifications. Mil spec oils and lubricants have to adhere to a certain criterion, which may include chemical composition, physical properties, and overall reactions.

Lower Engine Hydrocarbon Emissions

The world is currently pushing for green energy with fewer carbon emissions in the atmosphere to prevent the destruction of the ozone layer. Global warming is another major problem that has been caused by the oils that large machinery has been using. Most of the Castrol super clean ingredients are environmentally friendly and release very little carbon into the atmosphere. These oils, therefore, play a significant role in preventing environmental degradation.

They Are Recyclable

It is hard to replenish something that is naturally occurring, but it is very easy to recycle most of the oils that are made using artificial technology. This explains why most of the synthetic products have been classified as recyclable while naturally occurring crude oil cannot be recycled. The ability to be recycled explains why the cost of synthetic lubricants such as metalworking fluids is significantly lower, about 8%, as compared to the naturally occurring oils.

Improved Energy Efficiency

It is common knowledge that naturally occurring oil has considerable problems when it comes to combustion. It explains why diesel takes a longer period to burn, and when it burns, only little energy is released. One of the major military oil specifications is that it must be easy in combustion while at the same time adhering to other physical properties of supplying enough energy to the equipment concerned. This is a property that makes Castro oil products to be highly preferred by any person who is buying oils to produce energy to meet various specifications.

Temperature and Viscosity

Temperature and viscosity are some of the common physical properties of oils that either makes the oil better or not good. Most of the naturally occurring oils have very poor viscosity and will evaporate with slight changes in temperatures. This is a very poor physical characteristic that no one wants to see from the oils they are using.

However, military oil specifications require oil that have a viscosity that is not affected by the changes in temperatures. This means that the oil will continue burning and releasing sufficient energy despite the increased changes in temperatures. Therefore, going for these types of oils and lubricants means that you will not only be saving on money, but you will be increasing the time it takes to finish fuel on your tank.

Artificial Chemicals

Synthetic oils have a considerable number of artificial chemicals that have been added to make the oils efficient and reliable in the combustion engine. Most of the attractive and highly preferred physical and chemical properties of synthetic oils have been artificially added. Castro distributors understand the fundamental chemical properties that need to be added to any oil to make it reliable and efficient, and that is that they have been doing for an extended period.

Synthetic oils and lubricants have their own merits and demerits, but as it stands, most of these oils have proven to have a considerable number of benefits as compared to the naturally occurring oils. They have all the necessary military oil specifications, which mean that they can be used by military equipment and other heavy machinery.