Benefits of Regular Oil Analysis on Your Lubrication System

Benefits of Regular Oil Analysis on Your Lubrication System

Jul 28th 2022

Keeping informed about the status of the lubricating oil you use in your machinery can stave off equipment failure. Here are some of the benefits of a regular oil analysis on your lubrication system.

Minimize Downtime

A regular oil analysis program can help you minimize machinery downtime. When you know you’re using oil that is clean and of the right viscosity for the machinery you run, you also know you can keep running your machines without incurring damage, until your oil analysis tells you otherwise.

Reduce Unnecessary Oil Changes

Another benefit of a regular oil analysis on your lubrication system is it reduces unnecessary oil changes. Oil analysis can reveal that your lubricant is doing fine, although the maintenance schedule may say it is time for a change. Extending oil change intervals saves money by reducing the overall amount of lubricant you’re using over time and the labor required to perform an oil change.

Early Intervention

Regular oil analysis can identify problems with your lubricants before they create danger to your machinery. Analysis can help you focus on smaller issues, like filters, which may require attention now to save you trouble later.

Identify Contaminants

A thorough oil analysis can reveal if your lubricants are contaminated with dirt, debris, metals, or chemicals that don’t belong in your lubricating system. When you know what’s in your oil, you can take steps to ensure further contamination won’t happen in the future.

Check for Correct Oil Type

It’s tempting to mix oils to use up existing quantities, even if the leftover oil is not the right type for your machinery. This can lead to serious performance issues and breakdowns. An analysis will identify the viscosity of what courses through your equipment. It will tell you whether it’s the right measurement for your equipment. Diluting your lubricant with a lesser oil can lead to equipment failure.

A professional, independent laboratory that performs oil analysis can guide you on how to extract a sample and send it off for analysis. When you need replacement lubricants, contact Santie Oil. We offer a wide variety of industrial and aviation lubricants. We’re a Castrol wholesale distributor that can meet your lubricating needs. Shop here now for all the commercial lubricants you need.