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Are Synthetic Lubricants Worth the Investment?

Jun 29th 2020

A lot of industry managers often ask their lubricant distributors if synthetic lubricants are better for their machinery and equipment. If you have trusted Castrol distributors on your team they will inquire further about what type of machinery and equipment you are referring to, to help you to determine if the additional cost is worth it.

Having trusted Castrol distributors that will give you an honest answer is important across the board. Making informed decisions about what lubricants you are using starts with having not only reliable Casto distributors but well-informed distributors that will give you honest answers.

What is The Difference Between Traditional Mineral Oil Lubricants and Synthetics?

A synthetic lubricant from your Castrol distributors uses a more refined base oil. A more refined base means that you can get more protection from synthetics to help protect your equipment and machinery. The right Castrol distributors will offer a range of formulas including full synthetics, synthetic oils, synthetic blends, and of course full mineral-based oils. They will also provide you with the information you need to decide which is best for your enterprise.

There Are Benefits to Synthetic Lubricants

There are three key benefits that you can find with synthetics that outweigh the performance of conventional lubricants and oils including:

  • High viscosity stability. You can expect stability on a wide range of temperatures.

  • Oxidation is improved and thermal stability compared to mineral oil lubricants.

  • Superior wear protection when compared to conventional lubricants.

Synthetic aviation greases, synthetic lubricants, and other synthetic oils are often preferred by manufacturers because of the high level of protection it provides. Synthetics deliver high protection and a long life.

The Types of Synthetics

Getting all the benefits of synthetics starts with the right Castrol distributors. High-quality lubricants whether they are mineral oil-based or synthetics come from a trusted source. The right distributors will offer the blends that can improve protection against wear and tear and deliver reliable function.

Having the right lubricants to ensure the safety and operation of your equipment and machinery can mean choosing a high-quality synthetic lubricant or a blend. Getting the information you need to make the right choice is easy when you have experts in your corner.

Learning more about the benefits of synthetics and the types of synthetics that are best for your machinery and equipment connect with the trusted Castrol distributors that provide the support you can always count on.