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A Spring-Cleaning Checklist For Industry Manufacturers 03/19/2019

A Spring-Cleaning Checklist For Industry Manufacturers 03/19/2019

Posted by SOC on Apr 12th 2019

Spring is right around the corner, which means now is the best time to start doing some of your own spring cleaning around your heavy equipment and machines. Without proper seasonal maintenance, you could end up with unplanned equipment shutdowns and a whole slew of customer complaints.

So to keep your equipment up and running and your cutting fluids in good shape, here are some spring cleaning tips to keep in mind around the workplace.

  1. Check and replace your metalworking fluids. If your metalworking fluids have almost reached their expiration date, it's time to order some new ones. Expired metalworking fluids can cause some serious problems including rust, corrosion, mold growth in the equipment, and equipment failure.

  2. Bust out the pressure washers. Heavy equipment washing requires specialized equipment like water cannons and pressure washers. Regularly cleaning your heavy equipment is a major part of preventative maintenance. Clean machines can keep cooler better than grease-soaked equipment and require less downtime to work efficiently. Water cannons remove dirt, grime, and grease with high-pressure water on a larger scale whereas pressure washers act as a water pick for your equipment.

  3. Replace inefficient equipment. Even the best working equipment will eventually start to slow down and become more inefficient. Usually, your machines and other heavy equipment will start to show problems after seven years. You can probably make some repairs to keep them going for the time being. But if your machines are starting to require more and more repairs while needing more downtime, it's time to replace them with new equipment.

  4. Work on workforce development. Spring cleaning doesn't just mean cleaning up your heavy equipment and metalworking fluids. It also means developing fresh strategies and tasks to boost morale and safety at your workplace. Consider revisiting safety procedures and strengthening communication between you and your workers.

  5. Where can I buy new cutting fluids wholesale?

    Approximately 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns over the last three years have been caused by incorrect lubricant selection or management. Don't let those shutdowns happen to your own machines this year.

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