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6 Questions That Will Help You Find a Reliable Castrol Industrial Lubricant Distributor

6 Questions That Will Help You Find a Reliable Castrol Industrial Lubricant Distributor

Sep 16th 2021

Manufacturing plants across the nation are having to relook their maintenance SOPs as machinery becomes increasingly sophisticated and tech-savvy. To meet customer demands, reduce downtime, and increase productivity, manufacturers continue to push their equipment to the limits. One of the easiest ways to maintain the performance levels is often the most overlooked: proper lubrication.

Correct lubrication may peg on finding the proper oils and greases for your industrial application. You may need to find the right Castrol industrial oil distributor to guide you in picking the right lubricants for your plant.

Here are questions to guide you in picking the right Castrol industrial lubricant supplier.

1. What Are Your Machinery Lubrication Needs?

You may need to assess your requirements for oil solutions in your plant. Every application and equipment may demand specific performance grades. You may have to compare the different Castrol lubricant oils based on their viscosity. Research indicates that over 89% of lubricant professionals use a viscosity index when selecting a lubricant. Understanding your needs can help you pick out the right grade and lubricant type for your machinery.

2. What’s the Company’s Expertise in Lubricant Distribution?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all lubricant solution for your machinery. Intimate knowledge of the equipment, its components, metallurgy, and operating conditions are critical to recommending the right industrial oil. Lubricant distributors that you pick need to have proven knowledge and expertise in your specific industry. Experienced distributors can inform you of the Castrol industrial oils to prioritize for your application after a quick background check about your manufacturing process.

3. Does the Firm Have a Quality Assurance Department?

Product quality tops the list when assessing a Castrol industrial oil distributor for your firm. Poor quality lubricants can result in machine failure, unexpected shutdowns, and expensive downtimes. Depending on the exact requirements and operational conditions, you may require specific oil formulations. The lubricant supplier needs to have quality control and assurance procedures relating to the storage and transportation of the oil to your plant. Chemical test certificates accompanying the product order can help guarantee the quality of the lubricant received.

4. Can the Castrol Industrial Oil Distributor Meet Your Order Requirements?

Operational size and reach are critical factors to keep in mind. You may need to find a Castrol Industrial lubricant supplier that has the capacity and facilities to meet your weekly or monthly lubricant orders. Look at the company’s distribution channels. How many types of Castrol oil products can they supply to your plant? Technical support is also a key metric to consider. Finding a reliable oil distributor ensures that you never run out of cutting fluids for your lathes and mills.

5. Do They Provide Ongoing Customer Support?

Good customer service is crucial to ensure uninterrupted lubricant supply for your machinery. An experienced Castrol industrial lubricant distributor will have the expertise to support the product throughout its lifetime. Look for distributors who can provide after-sales servicing, troubleshooting, and technical advice on optimal running conditions. Consider choosing a distributor that provides you with access to around-the-clock hotline support so you can be informed of any problems with deliveries or damaged containers before they affect your production line.

6. What Do Other Clients Say About Their Services?

Finding a reliable oil distributor may involve following up on the references provided. Research the supplier and find out what other customers say about their services. Are there any active complaints about their product quality?

The right Castrol industrial lubricant supplier can make a world of difference by keeping your machinery in top shape. Identifying the right distributor with industry experience is critical to obtaining peace of mind when looking for greases or oils for your plant. If you are looking for a Castrol industrial oil distributor, reach out to Santie Mid-West today.