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5 Top Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil

5 Top Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil

Mar 16th 2021

As you consider which lubricant to use, you may want to consider synthetic oil. Key industry players agree the synthetic oils are more beneficial when used in today’s highly advanced engines and equipment. However, you may still be wondering what makes them special and in-demand among lubricant distributors.

Well, synthetic lubricants are artificially made and use crude oil as their base. This makes them more resistant to breakdown as compared to normal oil. However, there are a lot of other advantages that come about when you use these oils. They include:

1. Better Performance in Cold Weather

When it gets cold, some oils lose viscosity which hampers how they flow. In turn, this reduces engine performance. However, with top synthetic oil from Castrol oil distributors, there is no need to worry about this issue.

Remember about 89% of lubricant professionals consider the viscosity index when picking out the lubricant to use. This index refers to how much the viscosity of any oil changes as a result of temperature fluctuations. Synthetic oils have a higher VI rating and tend to flow smoothly even during winter months, and aren’t prone to viscosity breakdown due to contamination or friction.

2. Lower Change Frequency

It’s crucial to keep changing the oil, and this applies even when using synthetic oils like Castrol Syntilo. But, the frequency matters.

For normal oil, the frequency at which you change oil is higher than when using synthetic oil from top lubricant distributors. There are numerous options to choose from, especially when you use Castrol products.

3. Equipment Protection

Protecting equipment is crucial. However, this can only be achieved by using high-quality oil from reputable lubricant distributors.

Synthetic oils offer better overall protection from wear and tear while slowing down oxidation which can cause long-term damage. Oxidation eventually takes place no matter what measures are taken to prevent it. However, the issue is less prominent when you use Castrol oil products, which have been known to slow down the process. You’ll end up using the equipment for longer, and it’s also a great cost-cutting measure that saves you from frequent repairs.

4. Reduces Evaporative Loss

Under extremely high temperatures, oil tends to heat up and evaporate faster, leading to higher costs. But, this is different when using Castrol lubricants and similar synthetic oils.

This happens at a higher rate for normal oils because these oils have higher mineral content. These minerals facilitate faster evaporation. On the other hand, synthetic oil is made to withstand slightly higher temperatures, allowing it to last longer.

5. Longer Engine Life

When there is less friction and better performance, you get better engine life. For instance, you can use Castrol Syntilo 9913 that promotes better engine performance. Such oils ensure you are engine performs optimally without damaging individual parts.

Synthetic oil helps reduce rap-id deterioration on different parts, which helps you cut down on repair costs. It is thus important to research which are the best synthetic lubricants before placing an order. Remember that in the long run, you’ll end up saving much more than just money.

Synthetic oils offer your engines and equipment many benefits, some of which are listed above. However, even as you plan to make your order, always remember it is cheaper to get Castrol oil products from a wholesale distributor like Santie Oil Company.