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4 Reasons Why Lubricants With Military Oil Specifications Are Better Than Regular Ones

4 Reasons Why Lubricants With Military Oil Specifications Are Better Than Regular Ones

Jul 15th 2021

A recent study revealed that 89% of lubrication professionals will consider an oil’s viscosity index when choosing a lubricant. Given such, many of these lubrication experts may not know the benefits of oils with military oil specifications. Let’s delve into the benefits of lubricants with military oil specifications, how they can benefit a fleet, and why they are a better alternative to conventional oils.

Better Lubrication

The primary job of any lubricant in a machine is to prevent various kinds of wear and tear. Once friction is eliminated, the engine will perform better without a need for replacement or repair. However, some industrial lubricants should not be used to improve a system’s lubrication. When it comes to lubricants with military oil specifications, they meet all required metrics for oils. The oil also helps to reduce wear and tear tremendously. This is difficult to achieve with conventional oils and other kinds of lubricants.

Enhanced Engine Efficiency

Another advantage of oils with military oil specifications is the enhanced efficiency of an engine. Both physical and mechanical weaknesses across an engine can lead to circumstances where most of the system will be weakened. This compromises engine performance. A poorly sealed engine, ineffective cylinder pistons, and even loose parts can lead to a reduction in an engine’s ability to work and run efficiently.

Lubricants with military oil specifications are a vast improvement over conventional oil. When it comes to filling in the breaches left by lackluster mechanical works, you can count on lubricants with military oil specifications. These oils help with better engine performance and efficiency.

Better Engine Durability

Many of the conventional oils are not able to help with the longevity of an engine. However, lubricants with military oil specifications have magnificent lubrication capabilities, which are not commonplace in other kinds of oils.

Because many modern engines are susceptible to degeneration, they tend to be replaced quite frequently. Lubricants with military oil specifications are known to increase an engine’s longevity, which is welcomed by any machine owner. Keeping the engines well lubricated and clean with oils that meet military oil specifications makes an engine last longer compared to engines that utilize standard oils. Machine owners will also enjoy the money saved by using mil spec oils and lubricants, too.

More Environmentally Friendly

As regulations, rules, and guidelines governing emissions seem to change each year, it becomes cumbersome to maintain an engine that is fit for its given purpose. With so many rules to follow, utilizing lubricants with military oil specifications will ensure that your engine is running optimally with little to no emissions. Conventional oils struggle to meet guidelines, causing machine owners to find suitable lubricants.

However, lubricants that meet military oil specifications are oils that have already met all of the necessary environmental standards, making them a better choice for machines and a better choice for our environment.

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