4 Reasons To Invest in Automatic Wind Turbine Lubrication

4 Reasons To Invest in Automatic Wind Turbine Lubrication

Apr 6th 2023

Lubricating a wind turbine is an extensive and time-consuming process that takes many greases and workers. If you’ve ever felt like the time and money investment isn’t worth it, you aren’t alone. Due to how much work goes into it, the number of materials needed, and how dangerous this maintenance task can be, it’s no wonder that people are turning to automated systems. If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, read on. We review a few reasons to consider investing in an automatic wind turbine lubrication system.

Reduces Labor Costs

It’s no secret that manual wind turbine lubrication takes lots of time. Because of the amount of time and work it takes to get the job done, its labor costs are high. This also doesn’t take into account the loss of money because of maintenance downtime. Remember, wind turbines run 24/7. With an automated lubrication system, you reduce money on labor costs and ensure a consistent power supply.

Increases Turbine Lifespan

Of course, lubrication is the key to increasing any machinery’s lifespan, as it keeps parts sliding against one another, reducing wear and tear. However, wind turbines are a special case, as they often suffer from grease contamination due to water and dirt. It may sound odd to think of wind turbines getting dirty while they’re so high in the air, but dust and dirt easily move around via the wind and can get into the turbine as a result.

Humidity can also get into the nacelle, causing condensation to build up. This results in water-contaminated lubricants. When an automated system is in place, water and dirt can’t get into the lubricant, reducing the number of maintenance issues and repairs and extending the lifespan of the grease itself. The longer your grease stays clean and stable, the better it works and the more it can protect your wind turbine.

Cuts Down on Waste

People carry out manual wind turbine lubrication, but people aren’t perfect. Even if they never waste a drop of lubrication, they’re not as accurate as an automated system. An automatic lubrication system applies grease and oil in smaller, more precise amounts, maximizing efficiency. It’s also important to note that grease waste is a serious environmental issue. Minimizing how much grease wind turbines use can positively impact the environment.

Keeps Workers Safe

The people that make up your wind turbine crew are invaluable, and keeping them safe should be paramount. Nacelles are about 400 feet in the air, where the wind is strongest. Also, offshore turbines often encounter rough seas. Naturally, this puts maintenance workers at risk of accidents. However, an automated system removes human labor entirely and ensures that your crew is out of harm’s way.

Ultimately, the main reason why you should invest in an automatic wind turbine lubrication system is that it increases efficiency. The more efficient your wind turbines are, the more you save and the better you protect your workers.

Whether you have an automatic lubrication system or use manual lubrication, wind turbines require a lot of grease and oil. Instead of hopping from one shop to the next, let Santie Oil Company take care of all your wind turbine grease and oil needs.