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4 Qualities of a Good Gun Oil Used by the Military

4 Qualities of a Good Gun Oil Used by the Military

Oct 6th 2020

  1. The military and other gun-users must take care and maintain their firearms to keep them working optimally. Since guns are mostly used in an outdoor setting, like in military ranges, they are exposed to the elements that can cause rusting. That is why gun oil is important when cleaning a firearm after several rounds of shooting. Gun oil used by military members must have precise specifications given that the military uses modern firearms. These are the qualities of a good military spec lubricant.

1. Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Military personnel mostly operate in harsh environmental conditions under rain, dirt, dust, humidity, mud, and other undesirable climatic conditions. Consistent use of a firearm under these conditions may cause the barrel of a gun and other gun parts to rust. Gun oil used by military members acts as a barrier between the metal parts of the gun and the elements. Rust and corrosion affect the overall operation of a firearm, and this is no good for the gun’s precision, functionality, and value. That why military spec oils and lubricants are important in gun cleaning and maintenance.

2. Greater Lubricity to Enhance a Gun’s Performance

Modern firearms like the AR Rifle have gas operated moving parts. When you fire a round of ammunition, the combustion exhaust is cycled through the moving parts to keep the firearm fully operational. This is unlike the traditional guns that discharge combustion exhaust from the end of the barrel. As a result, modern firearms are subject to extensive carbon build-up because of higher volumes of carbon exhaust that cycles through the gun’s moving parts.

To control the carbon buildup, gun oil with a greater lubricity is needed for cleaning and maintaining the modern firearm. That’s why gun oil used by military members has more lubricity to ensure that the moving parts of a gun operate optimally. Without enough lubricity, the high levels of carbon-build up would affect the moving parts of a modern firearm up. This would reduce the overall performance of a gun.

3. Viscosity Index

About 89% of professionals consider oil viscosity when purchasing lubricants. Specialty lubricants used by military members should have a high viscosity index, especially for use on modern firearms. This is important because the modern guns used by the military personnel are designed to fire many rounds of ammunition. Add this to the fact that modern firearms have more gas-powered moving parts, hence produce more heat and friction. When you use a military spec lubricant with a higher viscosity index, it will prevent the carbon produced from baking on the gun’s interior parts. Therefore, the firearm will function flawlessly in high temperatures and also in low temperatures because of the high viscosity index of the gun oil used.

4. Facilitates Easy Gun Cleaning

Cleaning up the built-up and baked carbon in a gun’s interior parts is the bulk of the maintenance practices of the modern firearms. Shooters use many tools and techniques to remove the carbon that has baked on the control arms and piston of the gun. The cleaning process utilizes scraping tools and strong solvents. By manually scraping off the baked carbon, users risk scratching the internal parts of the gun.

Additionally, the solvents can easily damage the interior parts of the gun after long-usage. Synthetic lubricants used by military members prevents the need for intense scraping and excess solvent usage, by reducing the carbon build-up and baking. Therefore, by using military spec oil in modern firearms, cleaning is far much easier and faster.

If you want your gun to function properly and give you a long service life, you should use a top-quality gun oil for cleaning and maintenance. Gun oil used by military members is made from high-quality materials that prevent rusting and corrosion by protecting the gun’s parts from the elements. It also reduces the heat and friction in the moving parts of a gun that also helps to reduce carbon build-up and baking. When shopping for gun oil, you should buy from the reputable lubricant distributors to get the best quality.