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4 Benefits of Using Castrol Lubricants for Your Manufacturing Equipment

4 Benefits of Using Castrol Lubricants for Your Manufacturing Equipment

Nov 18th 2020

Manufacturing industries rely on heavy machinery and equipment that have many moving parts. One malfunctioning part may lead to lengthy downtimes that may cause you untold losses when your manufacturing operations are impeded. Given that your manufacturing machinery has many moving parts, you can avoid surprise breakdowns by keeping your equipment well lubricated. Using Castrol lubricants is a surefire way to keep your machinery parts moving smoothly.

Here are the benefits of using Castrol lubricants for your manufacturing machinery and equipment.

1. Industrial Lubricants Reduce Friction, Wear, and Tear in Your Machines

When you lubricate two moving parts, you prevent metal-on-metal contact, which is a major cause of friction in large manufacturing equipment. When the machinery is operating at peak capacity, the rate of wear and tear is higher. As a manufacturer, you should strive to keep your machines running at optimal conditions so that your operations are not interrupted. Even when the metal surfaces are well polished, continuous contact at high speeds causes a lot of friction. When you fail to lubricate these parts, the friction will increase the wear and tear, and you may have to replace some machine parts or the entire equipment. Experts say that lubrication is the element that has the most direct impact on machinery with moving parts. Proper lubrication will increase the service life of your machinery, while poor lubrication will escalate the wear and tear rate of your manufacturing equipment.

2. Castrol Lubricants Act as Corrosion Preventatives by Keeping Off Rust

When you apply lubricants on your metal products, they form a protective layer on the metal's surface. This layer protects the moving parts from coming into contact with contaminants such as water and dust that can cause corrosion. Since these moving parts generate a lot of heat, the corrosion rate is even higher when the parts are unlubricated. Some machines, such as combine harvesters with many moving parts that are constantly exposed to dust and water. They rely on heavy-duty lubricants to operate smoothly. Lubricants act as conduits that suspend and redirect contaminants towards the filters, where they are eliminated from the system. By using Castrol lubricants, you can protect your delicate equipment from rust and corrosion that can depreciate your machinery's value.

3. Lubricants Keep Operational Temperatures in Check and Reduce Over-Heating in Machine Components

Heat damage is common in large machinery with many moving parts that operate at high speeds. This happens when excess heat is generated due to friction between the moving parts of a machine. However, lubricants absorb the heat produced or transfer it to a cooling system, which prevents overheating. As a result, there is temperature control, and the risk of heat-related component damage is reduced.

4. Castrol Lubricants Will Help You Minimize Machine Breakdowns and Keep Repair and Maintenance Costs Down

You want to avoid and minimize downtimes in your manufacturing operations as much as you can. Surprise equipment damage is no fun, especially when you are working to meet strict deadlines or bulk orders. Since lubricated parts work more smoothly with minimum friction, they are not damaged and don't wear out easily. Therefore, you will have less repair and replacement costs, as your machinery will operate more effectively. This gives you an economic advantage because the cost of lubricating the moving components is far less than the cost of replacing or repairing equipment parts.

Castrol lubricants are useful not only in the manufacturing industry but also in the transportation industry. According to a Future Market Insights report, over $4 billion worth of metalworking fluids was used for lubricating transportation equipment in 2017. This shows that many industries rely on lubricants to keep their machinery with moving parts in top condition. You should ensure that you get quality industrial lubricants from a reputable lubricant oil distributor. The last thing you want is to use a substandard lubricant because it will cause more harm than good to your machinery. Manufacturers worldwide trust Castrol lubricants because of their exceptional and unmatched quality.