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4 Benefits of Using Castrol Cutting Fluid in Your Machining Operations

4 Benefits of Using Castrol Cutting Fluid in Your Machining Operations

Nov 16th 2020

Machining equipment is a big investment in your manufacturing business that sustains your metalworking operations. To extend the tool-life of your cutting equipment, you should consider using Castrol cutting fluid in your machining operations. A recent study found that 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns experienced by manufacturing companies in the last three years were caused by incorrect lubricant selection and usage. To avoid similar scenarios in your company, you should invest in Castrol oil for sale for your metalworking and cutting fluids.

Here are the benefits of using Castrol cutting fluid in your machining operations.

1. Cutting Fluid Cools Down the Cutting Tools and Workpiece

There's a lot of tool-chip friction that happens between a tool and the workpiece. Without using metalworking fluids to act as lubricants between the tools and the workpiece, the friction will increase and wear down your machining equipment. Through conduction, cutting fluids absorb the heat produced during the cutting process and facilitate smooth machining. When the heat is not removed, chances of thermal distortion on the workpiece are high. As a result, the dimensional accuracy of your cutting job is reduced. Using Castrol cutting fluid reduces the coefficient of friction, thus reducing the heat generation. Remember that your cutting tools are a substantial investment in your company, and you want to get full service before you have to replace them. As such, buying Castrol oil for sale will help you extend the tool-life of your cutting equipment.

2. Metalworking and Cutting Fluids Reduce Cutting Force and Power Consumption

Since Castrol cutting fluid reduces the friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece, less cutting force is required in your machining operations. Less cutting force translates to less power consumption in the overall cutting process. You'll be able to produce more units at a lower cost. If buying Castrol oil for sale to be used as a lubricant for metalwork in your machining operations will help reduce your power bills, it is a worthy investment for your manufacturing business.

3. Cutting Fluids Boost the Surface Finish on the Workpiece

Since cutting fluids reduce the tool-chip friction, the chip formation is faster as chips break into small pieces with lesser effort. This allows engineers to produce excellent surface finishes without eating away into the workpiece. With the reduced friction and heat, and the increased cutting speeds, metal manufacturers can afford to take more time to zero in on the surface finish. As a result, you can manufacture metal products with a more appealing surface finish. You don't have to increase your workpiece material to achieve a perfect surface finish, as Castrol cutting fluid enables faster and easier chip formation.

4. Cutting Fluids Protect Ferrous Components from Corrosion

Metalworking involves three processes -- forming, cutting, and joining. In between cutting and joining, the metal may be exposed to moisture and sustain rust. However, when you use cutting fluids during the cutting stage, the fluid will fight off rust and keep your workpiece in pristine condition. If you work with large volumes of metal at a time, the transition between cutting and joining may be lengthier. During this transition time, the metal will be exposed to moisture for longer periods, and excessive corrosion may happen. When you apply Castro cutting fluid, however, you will decrease the chances of rusting during the cutting process. Therefore, you can transition to the next stage, joining without exposing any of the newly machined surface parts to corrosion.

Ultimately, using Castor cutting fluid in your machining operations will boost your production. Using cutting fluids has many advantages to your overall manufacturing business. Cutting fluids cool down the machining equipment by reducing the friction produced between the cutting tools and the workpiece. This also decreases excess heat generation that normally affects dimensional accuracy through thermal distortion. Additionally, cutting fluids increase the cutting speed while reducing the cutting force and power consumption. As a result, you can produce more units using less time and resources. With all these benefits, you should invest in Castrol oil for sale and use it in your machining operations.