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3 Reasons Why Mil Spec Lubricants Are a Good Choice for Your Factory Machines

3 Reasons Why Mil Spec Lubricants Are a Good Choice for Your Factory Machines

Apr 16th 2021

Metalworking fluids such as grease, lubricants, and coolants, play a crucial role in the machining and industrial world. They’re used for chip removal, cooling, lubrication, and corrosion control. Industrial lubricants are especially important because they keep machines and equipment running smoothly and effectively without friction that speeds up the wear and tear of machine parts. Given the significance of lubricants in your factory operations, you must select the best quality of machine lubricants for your factory equipment. And this means using a high-quality mil spec lubricant.

When you invest in the best mil spec oils and lubricants, you’ll boost your factory operations in the following ways.

Reduce Downtimes Caused by Equipment Shutdowns

A recent study conducted on manufacturing companies found out that 70% of the unplanned equipment shutdowns that these factories experienced in the last three years were caused by using the wrong lubricant or poor lubricant management. This can be prevented when you use the right mil spec lubricant for your machines. You don’t want surprise machine failures because you used the wrong industrial lubricants. Improper lubrication may cause total machine failure or part damage. This not only sets you back in your operational timeline by causing you extended downtimes but also adds to your operational costs.

As a factory manager, even when you select the right mil spec lubricant for your machines and equipment, you must go a step further and ensure proper management and use of the mil spec oil. Unfortunately, most factory managers don’t do this step as a recent international study found out. The study found out that only 42% of manufacturing companies have the correct lubricant management procedures, while 63% admitted that they don’t conduct proper staff training on lubricants as often as they should. To get maximum utility from your industrial lubricants, you should set up sound lubricant management procedures and train your factory staff on how to effectively use the mil spec lubricants.

A Mil Spec Lubricant Will Prevent and Reduce Machine Wear and Tear

Your manufacturing machines and equipment will wear down with time. Depending on the intensity of use, certain machine parts will have a higher rate of wear and tear. This happens when two metal parts are grinding against each other and producing high friction. Using a mil spec lubricant such as Castrol braycote 803 will help reduce the friction between the moving metal parts of your machinery. When the friction is under control, your equipment will operate efficiently at maximum capacity without increasing the rate of wear and tear. This will lower your overall operational costs as you won’t have to make costly repairs and replacements every other time.

A Quality Mil Spec Lubricant Will Give You More ROI

The machinery and equipment in your factory accounts for more than half of your overall investment. Hence, it’s in your best interest to protect your machine from damage so it can serve you for a longer time. Besides reducing friction in the moving parts of your machines, mil spec lubricants maintain the health of your engine by keeping it clean. Over time, engines accumulate dirt and debris, which if not cleaned or removed may lead to engine failure.

While other industrial lubricants will only lubricate your engine, mil spec lubricants go a step further and keep the engine clean by getting rid of the dust particles that may have accumulated in the engine. Additionally, you can use the mil spec oils and lubricants for your transport vehicles. Your delivery trucks are also part of your factory machinery, and it pays to keep them working optimally. That’s why manufacturers worldwide spent over four billion U.S. dollars on metalworking fluids for lubricating transportation equipment.

When you use mil spec lubricants for all your factory machines and transportation equipment, you’ll boost your operational efficiency and keep your equipment in mint condition. In the long run, this will boost your overall ROI. You should trust a reputable oil wholesale distributor to supply you with high-quality mil spec lubricants.