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3 Reasons to Use Synthetic Lubricant

3 Reasons to Use Synthetic Lubricant

Dec 17th 2020

synthetic lubricant, or synthetic oil, is unique in that it is made from petroleum and not crude oil. Generally used as a substitute for refined oils, synthetic lubricants are great for most engines and large manufacturing equipment. One such industry that benefits greatly from using a synthetic lubricant is the metalworking industry, as there is a massive flow of fluids, including lubricants, involved in metalworking. In fact, the industry uses as much as four to twenty liters of fluid per minute of operation.

Synthetic Lubricants Control Temperatures

A machine that is consistently operating over the course of an entire day can reach astounding temperatures, which unfortunately can lead to long term damage. A synthetic lubricant can help to prevent damage brought on by heat. These lubricants actually absorb the heat created by machinery, limiting the chances that the machine is damaged by the heat that it generates.

Synthetic Lubricants Reduce Wear and Tear

One of the biggest reasons for wear and tear, eventually resulting in breakdowns, repairs, or even replacements on a business's machinery is the friction caused by that machinery. Lubricating these metals rubbing against one another reduces the friction, thus extending the life of the machine. This will prevent those breakdowns on a machine, which don’t just lead to machines breaking down, but a stop in production as well.

Synthetic Oils Outperform Conventional Oil

There are plenty of studies comparing synthetics with conventional oils. One of the most telling was conducted by the American Automobile Association, which came to the conclusion that synthetic lubricants outperformed the conventional oil it was tested against by as much as 47%. Along with several other tests conducted, the tests on oxidation resistance, changes in viscosity, stability, and volatility were perhaps most telling. They proved that synthetics area more consistent product, which also extends the life of an engine by preventing rust and corrosion.

Once someone has decided that using synthetic oils is right for their business, the next question is going to be which synthetic oil is right for them? There’s a lot of options, but Castrol oil products are among the most popular. Castrol products are known to limit corrosion and extend the life of a machine. Whatever product someone chooses, however, it’s worth putting the effort into finding the right synthetic lubricant for their business, as they really do extend the life of a machine and increase production.